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Archive for January, 1998

Hickory Tech Corporation

Jan 1998 • Category: Feature Story

If you still harbor doubts about the benefits of telecommunications deregulation and competition, consider Mankato Citizens Telephone Co. as a case study. If you want a stock bargain, consider Hickory Tech Corp., its parent company.

Baroda Auction Realty

Jan 1998 • Category: Feature Story

Some say there’s a sad and final note to the bang of anauctioneer’s gavel.

It signals the end of an antique collection, the breakup of a farm or the dispersal of family heirlooms. “Sold!” cries an auctioneer, and someone walks away with your father’s favorite chair.

JO Guck Bailey

Jan 1998 • Category: Cover Story

To better understand JO Guck Bailey (Guck rhymes with book) just take a day trip north on U.S. 10 to her hometown, Royalton, Minnesota, population 802, a bedroom community halfway between St. Cloud and Little Falls. The town boasts both a tourist trap called “Treasure City” and the local greasy spoon, B’s Cafe, but little else.