Thin Film Technology Corporation

True or false: Only in America do brainstorms strike adventuresome folks, who quit their jobs, convert their garages to makeshift factories and grow multimillion dollar companies. False.

It also happens in Japan. Despite that country’s industrial reputation for patient teamwork and polite consensus, entrepreneurial adrenaline and rugged individualism flow just as strongly and swiftly through Japanese veins.

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Jerry Dotson

Remember that curious boy in high school whose shirt pockets were always stuffed with sharpened #2 pencils, who actually enjoyed algebra and physics, and who tore down his mother’s car piece-by-piece just to see how it ran? If you went to Mankato’s Loyola High School in the late ’50s, that kid was Jerry Dotson.

Up until he opted for early retirement in mid-May of this year, Jerry was Director of Technical Education for Seattle-based AT&T Wireless Services. And while he was with AT&T Wireless Services he helped lay the groundwork that could make Mankato the international mecca for wireless education.

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