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Hybrid Microcircuits

Sep 1998 • Category: Feature Story

Tim Mullen dreamed of starting his own business for years, but never once fantasized about building the world’s smallest hearing-aid amplifier. Now he’s done both.

In December of 1991, Mullen and three like-minded partners put their new company together on paper, incorporating as Hybrid MicroCircuits, Inc.. In February of 1992, they opened their doors in Belle Plaine, long on experience but a tad short on capital and pinched for space. In 1993, they alleviated their capital and space situations by moving 110 miles south on Hwy. 169 to Blue Earth.

Haala Industries

Sep 1998 • Category: Feature Story

Eight magic words give job applicants an edge anywhere in Brown County. All they need to say is “I grew up on a farm near Leavenworth.” To prospective employers, that short sentence means an applicant understands order, discipline and hard work.

Leavenworth is a tiny settlement southwest of Sleepy Eye with a few houses and a large Catholic church, the Church of the Japanese Martyrs. Big families from small farms make up most of the congregation.

Curt Fisher

Sep 1998 • Category: Cover Story

How many Blue Earth Countians regularly drive a jet boat to work?

How many peddle a bike ten miles to work through ten-below weather? How many own a 1902 steam fire engine and a 1921 International truck? How many downright dominate commercial real estate sales, property management, and commercial development in Mankato? Only one character could fit the bill on all four questions: Curt Fisher.