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Lambrecht’s & Christmas Haus

Mar 1999 • Category: Feature Story

The Taoist religion defines yin and yang as the male and female principles in nature, total opposities that somehow meld together to produce all that exists. In plain Western lingo, it could best be summed up as the synergy that sometimes occurs when “opposites attract.”

“I’m the kind of person who has these very big pie-in-the-sky ideas,” said Donna Lambrecht, her words bubbling up like popcorn through a hot air popper, “while Curt is a practical realist. My cup is always half full, his half empty.” Their synergystic relationship has created New Ulm’s two largest gift shops, both of which zero in on that city’s burgeoning tourist trade.

Lakeview Funeral Home

Mar 1999 • Category: Feature Story

A Locally Owned Business Provides Strength for Fairmont Despite steady paychecks, good benefits and sometimes lavish perks, Corporate America continues to lose key employees willing to gamble their security and bet on themselves. While these defections usually come from the ranks of giants like IBM or Pillsbury, smaller corporations and rural America aren’t immune […]

Leo Berg

Mar 1999 • Category: Cover Story

Cottony snowflakes drifted past Leo Berg’s second-story office window as he swallowed another swig of diet pop. The interviewer silently read the business card he’d just been handed: “Leo Berg, Executive Director, Heritagefest.”