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Wells Concrete Products

May 1999 • Category: Feature Story

David Buesing can give you many concrete answers to all of your building questions. As President and General Manager of Wells Concrete Products Company, Buesing knows there are many reasons to build with prestressed precast rather than other materials:

The Dam Store

May 1999 • Category: Feature Story

Jim Hruska leaned across a table in his cafe replete with mounted walleye and tacked-up Polaroids of fishermen, and he smiled. Glancing over at his wife, Linda, he said, “Sure we work long hours, from seven in the morning until nine at night, seven days a week.” When most small business owners would have burned out in months with such a demanding schedule, the Hruskas have lasted 27 years quite nicely. It’s all in how they do it.

Jerry Crest & Doug Wood

May 1999 • Category: Cover Story

With his sinewy hands touching together at the fingertips, Dr. Doug Wood, president at Immanuel St. Joseph’s- Mayo Health System, and cardiologist, tried clearing up some of the confusion about recent changes in healthcare. But it seemed, to this writer at least, a futile task. A state-of-the-art knowledge of healthcare, like that of computer technology, often lasts only a few months before becoming outdated.