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Archive for March, 2000

Two Fish Recording Studios

Mar 2000 • Category: Feature Story

Wes Schuck scratched his plan to become a lawyer. Kristi Schuck, his wife, put aside her majors in health fitness and health education.

Instead, they decided to “live a dream” and start Two Fish Recording Studios in Mankato in 1997.

Pat Johnson

Mar 2000 • Category: Cover Story

She burst through a glass ceiling that had held back other women, as jagged shards flew everywhere, only to settle down with hardly a scratch on the uppermost floor of a Bloomington office building. Such a societal barrier could never hold back a person with this much drive. Once at the top, Patricia Johnson would begin gazing out her office window towards the frothy skylines of Minneapolis and St. Paul, where she saw only a panorama of opportunity for the business she led.

Northwest Packaging

Mar 2000 • Category: Feature Story

Artie Ayers hunted geese and duck in the swamps of Maryland’s Eastern Shore with Curty Gowdy, was a “wudderman” who owned seven crab and oyster boats on the Chesapeake Bay, ran fishing expeditions out of Ocean City, had his own national TV show called Sportsman’s Showcase, but none of it prepared him for Minnesota’s harsh winters – only the people of Minnesota did, who warmed his heart so much he left a Maryland he loved for them.