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Jan 2001 • Category: Feature Story

Ralph Call, 55, runs all his southern Minnesota business ventures out of his comfy home, snug up against the snow-capped Rockies in scenic Providence, Utah. He stays connected to Minnesota via a computer, fax, telephone and a 300 m.p.h. turbocharged Piper Malibu Mirage that flies back and forth monthly. It’s one heck of a commute.

William J. Bresnan

Jan 2001 • Category: Cover Story

Madison Lake-native William J. Bresnan, as much as any other American, made the cable TV industry into what it is today. During cable’s adolescent growth spurt, 1965-1984, he was a top executive, usually a CEO, at either the nation’s No. 1 or No. 2 cable TV company. From 1984 on he would raise up his own sizeable cable TV enterprise, Bresnan Communications – and also spearhead ventures that would thread cable TV throughout Poland and Chile. He never was as flashy as Ted Turner or Jack Kent Cooke, his former boss, but his contributions to the cable industry have been just as substantial.

Fairmont Opera House

Jan 2001 • Category: Feature Story

Photo By Jeff Silker Friendly ghosts inhabit the Fairmont Opera House. Maybe true, maybe not, but it’s Michael Burgraff’s way of explaining certain fortuitous events which occur on the premises. “The ghosts take good care of us,” said Burgraff, who is managing director of the 98-year-old facility. Restored to elegance, the opera house has been […]