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Tom Engdahl

May 2002 • Category: Cover Story

Brown Printing COO Tom Engdahl didn’t bring along to seat 7D his latest New England Journal of Medicine with the article on “Pulmonary Langerhans’-cell histiocytosis” – or for that matter, any other publication his company prints.

Timeless Images in Metal

May 2002 • Category: Feature Story

HELP WANTED: Immediate opening for marketing professional to spread word about neat stuff made by inventor/artisan/craftsman. Must make up for 30 years of lost sales. Call 507-278-4302.

Arnie Lillo never placed that ad. He’s more interested in conceptualizing and creating than in selling his creations. He holds three patents and passed up several others. But not one of his ideas put him on a road to fame and fortune, for a variety of reasons.


May 2002 • Category: Feature Story

Listening to 70-year-old Lyle Stevermer talk about his company is like watching an inquisitive man trying to pencil in a Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle for the first time. He has lots of ideas, but doesn’t know where he will put them all.