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Archive for March, 2003

Timberlake Orchard

Mar 2003 • Category: Feature Story

A is for the apples Eric Luetgers produces at Timberlake Orchard south of Fairmont.

B is for the bees he nurtures to pollinate his trees and produce the honey he bottles.

C is for the fresh-pressed cider Luetgers sells with his apples and honey, but it could stand for cucumbers, one of several vegetables he raises to diversify his crop.

John Linder

Mar 2003 • Category: Cover Story

Only four persons from the nine-county area around Greater Mankato have been inducted into the Minnesota Museum of Broadcasting Hall of Fame. Of the four, three are Linders. Our cover story, John Linder, isn’t in the MMB Hall of Fame—yet, but he is creating lots of radio waves in our state’s broadcasting industry.

His waves aren’t tsunamis: they’re more a never-ending, behind-the-scenes ripple.

Nissen Investigations

Mar 2003 • Category: Feature Story

It was a dark and stormy night.

Leo Nissen was scrunched down in his black sedan, fumbling with chow mein and chopsticks and peering out from behind a Star Tribune. He was waiting for the blubbery bloke with the spaghetti hair and toothless grin—the bad guy.