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Archive for September, 2005

Walter’s Publishing

Sep 2005 • Category: Feature Story

Ideas flow from Mary and Wayne Dankert like newsprint off a high-speed printing press. Watch them go. The ideas flow because the two have so many percolating about in their constantly churning minds—so many ideas printing and collating, printing and collating, so many, one, two, three, four. And the ideas leaving make room for more.

Glen Taylor

Sep 2005 • Category: Cover Story

A Menard’s employee seven years ago sold Glen Taylor a lawn mower.

An elderly man saw Glen Taylor purchasing flowers at Hilltop Florist.

A married couple saw him eating lunch at The Peddler.

A hunter saw him bringing a deer into Vernon Center Market.

Golden Heart Child Care Center

Sep 2005 • Category: Feature Story

A girl in a sundress is drawing a picture of herself on a four-sided easel set up in a shady spot—but she needs help with the nose. A little boy in a floppy hat and saggy shorts lifts a chubby leg and climbs into a sand box. At the far end of the playground, several more small children take turns banging melodically on a metal trash can lid mounted strategically on the chain link fence.

Welcome to Pamella Willard’s world.