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Karla Van Eman – American Way Realty

Sep 2008 • Category: Feature Story

In her 32 years of selling real estate, Karla Van Eman seems to have done a remarkable job bonding and connecting with her clients—in an industry in which the agent-client connection is viewed as the ultimate barometer of success.


Sep 2008 • Category: Publisher's Column

This past June, I walked the streets of Nicollet aware of an extraordinary flurry of activity. Garages were cleaned and decorated, tents and tables popped up on lawns, and harried parents conveying carloads of provisions looked as if they were mounting a major relief effort.

Closing The Gap

Sep 2008 • Category: Feature Story

“I’ve told the story of our business many times,” says Megan Turek, sales manager and managing editor of Henderson-based Closing The Gap, her animated dialogue somersaulting forward and off her pursed lips as an Olympic gymnast from a balance beam to a floor mat. “It’s a very personal story. It’s a family business.”

Gene Hugoson

Sep 2008 • Category: Cover Story

Minnesota Commissioner of Agriculture

Since 1995, three Minnesota governors living on different planets, in different Star Wars galaxies even—Arne Carlson, Jesse Ventura, and Tim Pawlenty—have each appointed Gene Hugoson as their commissioner of agriculture, the State of Minnesota’s top agriculture position. Anyone knowing anything about Minnesota politics can confirm the three have absolutely nothing in common except for testosterone—and Hugoson.

Granada Getaway, Richard’s Restaurant and Pub, Nate’s Barber Shop

Sep 2008 • Category: Hot Startz!

Fairmont: Granada Getaway, Granada – Granada Getaway has been customized to please both scrapbookers and quilters. A typical $99 stay lasts Friday through Sunday.

St. Peter: Richard’s Restaurant And Pub – Speech language pathologist Joan Olson opened Richards’ Restaurant and Pub in April 2008—along with a connected five-room, luxurious boutique hotel.

St. Peter: Nate’s Barber Shop – From an early age, Nathan Paschke was interested in the latest clothing, hairstyles, and fashion. “Originally I thought about going to school to be a beautician,” said 32-year-old Paschke in a telephone interview.


Sep 2008 • Category: Off-The-Cuff

Summer has not been hot a lot, and we have a beautiful leafy September yet to come, which translates to even more free time to read the latest Connect Business Magazine. Hope you enjoyed Labor Day. Buckle your seat belts and away we go…