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Brunton Architects, RE/MAX

Nov 2008 • Category: Hot Startz!

Mankato: Brunton Architects – Brunton Architects, an architecture and interior design firm, opened in February 2008 in the Community Bank headquarters building in Mankato.

Mankato: RE/MAX – Patti Schuch opened a RE/MAX franchise a year ago at 1635 North Riverfront. Before getting there, she had quite the experience growing up.

Madelia Optometric

Nov 2008 • Category: Feature Story

In an era of big-box stores and impersonal service, Dr. Viktoria L. Davis enjoys providing individualized eye care to patients who recognize her as a fellow resident of Madelia, population about 2,200. Her patients see her with her family in the grocery store or at Madelia Public Library. In addition to her professional website, there’s a personal website loaded with family photos and only one picture of the optometry office. Her patients are eager for this glimpse into the life of Viktoria Davis, wife and mother. It’s obvious, too, which website she values more.

Jonathan Zierdt

Nov 2008 • Category: Cover Story

President/CEO of Greater Mankato Growth

“Once an Eagle Scout, always an Eagle Scout,” says Jonathan Zierdt, a boyish grin spreading as smeared peanut butter and jelly all over his facial features. At one time, Zierdt was more than just a highly decorated Eagle Scout. Nearly fifteen years ago, he also oversaw about 1,500 Boy Scouts in dozens of Owatonna-area troops and packs and was this close to becoming a lifelong Scouting executive. With the Scouts, he began applying lessons learned.

Economic Seasons

Nov 2008 • Category: Publisher's Column

Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. That’s it, nice and slow. Now repeat after me, “O—Mau—Nee—May—Paw—Dra—Oom.” Again, and keep breathing – in, out, in, out. There, now don’t you feel better?

Vienna Woodworks Rustic Furniture Company

Nov 2008 • Category: Feature Story

Chris Wiener’s effortless, boyish smile never seems to fade, and neither does Lady and Champ’s enthusiasm for ear scratching, nor the autumn sunlight piercing the rear barn window to warm a deserted barn-wood chair. The idyllic setting could have been an inspiring Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post cover.


Nov 2008 • Category: Off-The-Cuff

Nice to have you back for another issue. As for the Presidential election, at this writing, the results aren’t yet in. Either way, Barack or John, change is imminent, and your small or large business will be affected. So buckle your seat belts and away we go………. Three major corporate changes occurred since last issue……….First: […]