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15 Years – Special Section

Mar 2009 • Category: Feature Story

Learn what’s new with more than 75 people featured on our cover.

In September 1996, we began our current format of in-depth cover story interviews by featuring U.S. Reps. David Minge and Gil Gutknecht. In part, we changed formats because of earnestly believing most readers would prefer learning about people rather than products or issues, which had dominated our magazine’s early content. Business, after all—and anyone having been in business knows—consists primarily of people in relationship to others.

In addition, we believed a business was best discovered through its leader’s mind and heart. Business culture always begins at the top and filters down. It’s the leader that really makes a business beat and with whom people really need to “connect.” Businesses are unique only because their leaders have been unique, and that uniqueness usually arises from a leader’s upbringing, character, response to failure and success, taste for risk, and adaptability.

Olive Leaf Pantry, DCS Fitness, WOW! Zone

Mar 2009 • Category: Hot Startz!

Fairmont: Olive Leaf Pantry – Selling hard-to-find grocery, dairy, and frozen items benefiting people whose bodies can’t tolerate gluten, lactose, nuts, eggs, soy, tree nuts or other foods.

Mankato: DCS Fitness – “I decided I wanted to begin competing in figure and bodybuilding—that’s what started the idea of opening DCS Fitness.”

Mankato: WOW! Zone – Over the last six years, Pam and Doug DeMarce were regularly discussing “doing something” because of their running out of space on Victory Drive to expand.


Mar 2009 • Category: Off-The-Cuff

Again, welcome to the fifteenth anniversary of southern Minnesota’s first and only locally owned business publication, Connect Business Magazine. Can it be fifteen?

Filling In

Mar 2009 • Category: Publisher's Column

The photo below isn’t me, but the column is still his. I’m just pinch-hitting. Publisher Jeff Irish this issue wasn’t able to devote enough quality time to writing another cogent Publisher’s Column because of his father passing away in February.

Robyn Waters

Mar 2009 • Category: Cover Story

Former Target VP and Trendmaster

In 1975, Mankato State senior Robyn Niichel looked like most other students walking across Stadium Road to their parked automobiles. Not much stood out. She hailed from small-town rural Minnesota—even attending a one-room schoolhouse for one year. Only a few years before had she begun controlling her stuttering.