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Jan 2011 • Category: Off-The-Cuff

We issued a call for nominations in September and the first week of October sent off the nominee list along with supporting information to our panel of judges, who were Minnesota State business faculty. For the fifth straight year, they did a superb job choosing.

Warren P. Smith

Jan 2011 • Category: Feature Story

Business Person of the Year 2011 – Runner Up

Imagine 63-year-old Warren P. Smith right now as a household appliance plugged into a home electrical outlet. His talkative mouth whirrs like a Sunbeam Blender set on “puree” and his leg and arm appendages gyrate with nervous energy not unlike a Maytag clothes washer on spin cycle.

John Roise

Jan 2011 • Category: Cover Story

Business Person of the Year 2010 – Winner

Tourists enjoying kitschy oddities often travel to Minnesota’s Lac qui Parle County and its 1,200-population county seat, Madison, known as the “Lutefisk Capital of the United States.”

Darwin Anthony

Jan 2011 • Category: Feature Story

Business Person of the Year 2011 – Runner-Up

Imagine creating an official account of Trimont, Minn. movers and shakers. Darwin Anthony’s name will be on the first page. There will be mention of his long career in banking and insurance, his agricultural pursuits, his hands-on leadership…

Shady Oak Storage, Pearl Button Primitives, City Grille

Jan 2011 • Category: Hot Startz!

Greg Stevens grew up in Amboy helping his father farm and manage Stevens Seed Farm, which began operations in 1965.
Both Long Island, New York, and Waseca, Minnesota, share the heart of 46-year-old Justine Meyer.
City Grille officially opened November 24 in the former Country Kitchen Restaurant, but the impetus for starting this new restaurant came about due to an accumulation of experiences.

The Immortal Mailing List

Jan 2011 • Category: Publisher's Column

Has it ever been your hope to leave an indelible mark or have your name live on after you’ve taken your last breath? Fear not. It’s easier than you may think. Simply make a donation or buy on credit.