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Waseca: Compassionate Counseling Services

Michelle Muff began her own counseling business at 505 South State earlier this year. Her family upbringing seems to have played a pivotal role in her personal development and ultimate career choice.

In a telephone interview, 44-year-old Muff said, “I grew up on a family farm near Hartland as the youngest of seven children. Work ethic was really important in our family. As a large family, we were always outside on the farm. This is really different from today’s family that is usually child-oriented—whereas ours was focused on the family itself and being responsible and doing chores.”

Muff earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology and later traveled the U.S. doing church-related ministry work and helping give retreats to high school students. Through this experience, she fell in love with counseling. She went on to earn her master’s degree from the Franciscan College of Steubenville (Oh.).

She said, “I graduated in 1991 and was doing home-based therapy with children and adolescents in one of Ohio’s poorest counties.” She then worked at a residential treatment facility counseling sexual offenders and in Massachusetts coordinating an after-school therapeutic program. In 1999, she moved to Minnesota to be near family. She ended up splitting a number of years doing different counseling-related jobs in area schools, including more than four years at Waseca Junior High. In 2009, she completed the last of 20 graduate credits at Minnesota State to become eligible as a Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist.

She said, “It has always been my dream to have my own private practice. The top three services I offer are family therapy, couples counseling, and play therapy for children.” She has been doing her best to connect with area hospitals, schools, churches, human services, and community resources to get her name out in the community.

“You have to keep motivated, and being positive, and keep on working at it,” she said of building her business. “But that is where my work ethic has helped me.”

Compassionate Counseling Services
Telephone: 507-310-1321

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