Another Stevens-Vaughn Issue

If officially asked to create a new adjective for Merriam Webster Dictionary, I probably would choose “Stevens-Vaughn,” which would be a contracted form of our cover story’s name, Stevens Vaughn. I would define this new word “Stevens-Vaughn” as something or someone “extraordinarily interesting” or “so unique mere words can’t describe.” So with this new adjective, you could have a Stevens-Vaughn day at the beach and a Stevens-Vaughn afternoon or my daughter could have a Stevens-Vaughn guest speaker at Bethany Lutheran College. He is extraordinarily interesting to say the least—just hearing Stevens Vaughn describe his own Stevens-Vaughn summer in the early ‘80s singing Hank Williams songs in a Russian hotel in Yugoslavia was enough to hook us.

The person known as Stevens Vaughn is a world-class designer who co-owns Fairmont-based Kaldun & Bogle, a ceramics décor importer. Now living in Fairmont after 20 years in China, Vaughn collaborated on designing the crystal sarcophagus for the Queen of Denmark and has product he designed gracing shelves in Macy’s and Neiman Marcus.

Other Stevens-Vaughn stories this issue are mommy organizer Kimberly Danger of in North Mankato and caring Sharon Chader of Elder Care Services in Madison Lake. Our Hot Startz! Section features businesses from Le Sueur, Henderson, and Madelia.

Sursum ad summum,
Daniel J. Vance

Daniel Vance

Daniel Vance

A former Editor of Connect Business Magazine

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