Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

You won’t get far if you never step out of your comfort zone. Business owners know this. They know the importance of weighing risks with possibilities, of balancing security and innovation. No matter the situation, rarely will a business evolve without first stepping out of that comfort zone.

Our September issue of Connect Business Magazine features three business owners that stepped out of their comfort zones to find success. First, there’s our cover story, featuring Nicole Griensewic Mickelson, the executive director of Region Nine Development Commission. As the youngest executive director of a regional development commission, as well as a woman in a field of men, Griensewic Mickelson knows all about stepping out of her comfort zone. In fact, she has leapt from one zone to another, changing sectors from private to nonprofit to public with impressive bravery.

Our second feature stars Ken Wilmes, co-owner and general manager of Industrial Fabrication Services in Lake Crystal. More than 30 years ago, Wilmes chose starting his own business over going back to school. The risky move paid off as he now runs a multi-million dollar business that sends projects around the world.

Finally, there’s Bob Vogel, a colorblind artist from St. Peter who opened Stained Glass Studio in 2000. Vogel travels the world to find inspiration for his artwork, and some of the places—such as the mountains of South America and the glaciers of Antarctica—are definitely off the beaten path.

It all goes to show the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone.

We hope you enjoy this issue’s selections.

An veritas, an nihil,
Grace Webb

Grace Webb

Grace Webb

A former Editor of Connect Business Magazine

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