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Keri Solheid and Colleen Van Blarcom

May 2016 • Category: Cover Story

Nearly everyone can remember the excitement of going to eat at McDonald’s as a kid: the bright yellow-and-red interior, the colorful indoor playground, the Happy Meal (and, most importantly, the toy that came with it). It was a special treat, a place to celebrate a birthday or a good report card.


May 2016 • Category: Feature Story

The tank crashes through the underbrush, crushing anything in its path. It lumbers past trees, a 25-foot-long, 62-ton metal behemoth on the hunt. It plows through a shallow pond, barely slowing its 30 mph pace as it sprays mud and splashes water.

Rich Draheim – Weichert Realtors, Community Group

May 2016 • Category: Feature Story

There’s a famous scene in the classic 1939 movie “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” where naïve Senator Jefferson Smith (Jimmy Stewart) starts his filibuster of a corrupt bill that is being pushed through the legislature in order to benefit the political machine pulling strings behind the scenes.

Oswald Brewing Company

May 2016 • Category: Hot Startz!

John Oswald took quite a meandering path before ending up with his own business in Blue Earth, but he’s definitely glad to be back in the southern Minnesota area.

Sometimes, You’ve Just Got to Jump

May 2016 • Category: Grace Notes

“Hey, Grace, I can see our house from here!” I craned my neck to look over my sister’s shoulder and out the window of the cramped Cessna Supervan 900. Sure enough, as we hovered 13,000 feet above the ground, I could faintly make out my parents’ farm tucked into the green hills of western Wisconsin.

Pleasant Grove Pizza Farm

May 2016 • Category: Hot Startz!

When Bill Bartz bought land outside of Waseca in 2008, he initially considered raising alpacas. Now, he runs a pizza farm.