St. Peter Lumber Company

Chad DeBlieck grew up around the lumber yard. He didn’t really know it then, but watching his dad manage the operations of Standard Lumber was giving him tools he didn’t even know he would want or need. But that he now knows, helped get him where he is today.

DeBlieck’s father managed the yard in St. Peter for almost two decades, before purchasing it in 1988 and changing the name to St. Peter Lumber Company. And that started a new history for a new family-owned business. As his father eventually sold the business to him in 2011.

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Waseca Tries to Rekindle Entrepreneurial Spirit of the Past

Waseca city leaders are planning for the future, by studying the past. Waseca, like many rural cities, has had many notable entrepreneurs such as EF Johnson (EF Johnson Company), Bumps Brown (Brown Printing), and George Herter (Herter’s Outdoor Goods). As they grew their companies, they spawned many other ventures in Waseca many of which are still around.

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Words to Live By: Just Keep Swimming

“Failure is not an option.” At the time NASA flight controller Jerry Bostick uttered that phrase, I can see his point. After all, he was on a mission to bring home the damaged Apollo 13. A fitting phrase, given the circumstances. However, it’s a phrase that has been repeated so many times that it seems it is a part of our psyche, and sometimes makes us so focused on just not failing…that we don’t aim for success.

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