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It is not your grandfather’s landscaping company. Rather, New Ulm’s Garden Secrets focuses on each individual plant and how it fits into the overall landscaping plan.

Unlike the typical landscaping service, Garden Secrets is dedicated specifically to the care and quality of the individual plants as well as the well-being of the garden as a whole.

Owner Katie Hesse founded Garden Secrets in July of 2018. A business that is firmly grounded by her passion for gardening.

“I decided to take my lifetime of gardening experience and channel it into a sustainable, viable gardening service,” says Hesse. “Gardening became more than just a job to me, it became a true passion in my life.

Garden Secrets offers professional gardening services for residential and commercial properties, with virtual 3D design, routine maintenance, installation, containers and seasonal décor packages. From her base in New Ulm, Hesse serves Southern Minnesota and the Southwest Twin Cities Metro areas.

“It’s been great so far,” says Hesse. “We have already provided our services to clients all over our service areas. It has been very busy with our start-up process. Our clientele and fan base is constantly growing and our 2019 season is filling up quickly!

“Which is great because our business started late in the season we were faced with a time crunch on getting our name and services out to as many communities as possible before the season ended.”

Right now Hesse is working out of her home, but does have her eye on a brick and mortar location in New Ulm which she hopes to close on soon.

“Everyone has been great in welcoming our business and also utilizing our services. All of our clients have had outstanding positive feedback,” says Hesse.

Garden Secrets
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Lisa Cownie

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