Devenport Consulting, LLC

Dan Devenport (Photo by Jonathan Smith)

Devenport Consulting, LLC

It is about as “niche-y” as a niche market can get, but Dan Devenport believes his experience and reputation will be a great foundation on which to build his new business. Devenport Consulting offers food safety and quality assurance support to companies looking for regulatory or best practices support. Typical services range from executing a gap analysis of current practices versus best practices, creating programs/policy/procedure, training employees, internal auditing, as well as maintenance of their suppliers and programs. It’s an industry Devenport knows well, having worked for a well-known company.

“During my 11 years at Angie’s Boomchickapop I was able to see firsthand how much of an impact was made by getting input from people who had been there before, and how much it helped our business grow while wading through the risks associated with the product,” says Devenport. “My goal is to assist those with dreams of their own to get where they want to be with as few bumps in the road as possible. It doesn’t hurt that the entrepreneurial, small business energy is great to be around!”

It’s that passion for people and business that prompted Devenport to create the business in February of 2019.

“The energy and passion that these owners and entrepreneurs have for what they are doing is a little more powerful than even I expected,” he says. “Coming from an entrepreneurial company myself I was expecting some of that, of course, but these people pour their hearts and souls into their businesses and it is quite flattering that they entrust me to help them get there.”

Aside from the challenge of spelling his name…he stresses it’s NOT spelled with an “a”…Devenport says the other big challenge is that it’s not always obvious who could benefit from his expertise.

“Luckily for me the reputation of my prior company opened many doors and created many opportunities for me, however, you don’t find potential clients the way you do in many businesses. Advertising and marketing are difficult when you are dealing with a focused group of people needing your services. Therefore, finding the right way to get the company’s name and reputation to prospective clients is certainly the biggest challenge,” says Devenport.

Devenport Consulting, LLC
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