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Logan Sendle remembers fondly his days of growing up on the lake, although to fully enjoy the lake, there was work to be done.

“In roughly 2008, when I was a young kid wanting to be able to fish and swim off my dock, my dad and I had to use garden rakes to remove algae and weeds. That ‘chore’ has progressed into a business.”

The now 21-year old Sendle partnered with 19-year old Jade Reicks to establish LakeShore Potential.

“LakeShore Potential offers lake weed removal, landscaping, and beach restoration services to lakeshore residents. Our primary service is lake weed removal. We manually cut and harvest the Department of Natural Resource’s permitted 50’ x 50’ area of weeds with a 15’ channel to open water. We created a unique process to remove the weeds chemical-free with same-day results,” explains Sendle.

The duo serves anyone with a lakeshore within 150 miles of Mankato during the months of April to August, traditionally peak lake weed season. They have provided weed removal and landscaping services to homeowners, resort owners, and private ponds.

“We started this business to help people be able to fully enjoy their lakeshore experience along with wanting to help slow the usage of harmful chemicals being dumped into our lakes,” says Sendle.

Removing the weeds is proving to be the easiest part of the job for Sendle and Reicks.

“Our biggest challenge so far has been learning the ropes of the business as a whole, being both young entrepreneurs we have a ton to learn,” says Sendle. “We have had some amazing people help us along the way and as we continue to learn, such as Yvonne Cariveau, Sarah Richards, Todd Wagner, and Greg Pomerantz.”

Sendle says while they are just getting started, the job has already been rewarding not just financially, but in a variety of ways.

“There has been many surprises along the way, but our favorite so far has been a couple of thank you cards we have received,” says Sendle. “For example, one said ‘your work transformed our lakeshore, we were able to utilize our boats and PWC’s with ease and the fishing was amazing.’ We love getting feedback like that!”

LakeShore Potential

28626 West Lake Drive
Madison Lake, MN 56063
Phone: (507) 384-8005
Facebook: LakeShore Potential

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