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Aker / Leading Edge Technologies

Jul 2016 • Category: Feature Story

There is a new farming tool buzzing around the skies of southern Minnesota. A tool that gives farmers a whole new perspective on the growing season. A tool that can help farmers protect crops on the ground from up above.

Meyer Beefalo and Bison Hybrid Farm

Jul 2016 • Category: Feature Story

In this era of technological and scientific advancements in farming practices, we’ve found one farm nestled in the rolling hills near Elysian, that is thriving by simply getting back to the basics.

Jill Berdan

Jan 2016 • Category: Feature Story

Berdan is the Sleepy Eye Branch President of SouthPoint Federal Credit Union, but she sums her job up a little more informally: “I’m supposed to get out into the community, build relationships, and find ways to fulfill needs and to drive businesses back to SPFCU.”

4-Seasons Athletics

Nov 2015 • Category: Feature Story

Jeremiah Miller leans forward in the office chair at 4-Seasons Athletics, LLC, in Waseca. His voice grows more intense as he discusses the various aspects of his life: his family, 4-Seasons Athletics, being a licensed agent in his uncle’s insurance company and his mission to help veterans regain stability in their lives.

Chankaska Creek Ranch and Winery

Jul 2015 • Category: Feature Story

When one thinks of wine, a few locations come to mind: France with its champagnes, Italy with its Sangiovese, California with its Cabernet Sauvignon. In other words, one does not usually think of Minnesota. Yet, hidden in an unassuming southeast corner of a state better known for hot dishes and lutefisk, the Chankaska Creek Ranch and Winery has started making quite a name of itself in the world of wine.

Traxler’s Hunting Preserve

Mar 2015 • Category: Feature Story

Jeff Traxler glanced out of the lodge window and his eyes lit up as he saw two young hunters posing with their grandfather outside of the Club House. “Families frequently pose for pictures,” he said, “several generations, each person holding a pheasant.”