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National Independent Retailer Month

Jul 2018 • Category: Cownie Connection

Elsewhere in this issue, we talk about the recently coined phrase “Retail Apocalypse.” Well, I want to throw out another one that I’ve embraced for decades now…“Retail Therapy.” This is the counterpoint to the national phenomena that is happening as large national retailers continue to struggle.

Taking Care of Business, To Take Care of People

Jul 2018 • Category: Special Reports

The Greater St. Peter area receives an injection of $46 million dollars that will expand not only the hospital there, but the local economy as well. “Solid infrastructure and modern healthcare facilities play a key role in the economic sustainability of rural communities – attracting new businesses, retaining population and providing opportunities for future growth,” says Brad Finstad, State Director for USDA Rural Development.

Acting on Instinct

Jul 2018 • Category: Editor's Letter

This issue of Connect Business Magazine features three very different people, in three very different industries. However, there are two things they all have in common: they have great instincts and they have a great love for southern Minnesota.

Julia Ketcham Corbett

May 2018 • Category: Connect TV, Cover Story

I don’t mean to scare you, but if you own or manage a small to medium size business (under 500 employees), a recent study shows you have a one in five chance of getting hit with an employment claim. The study, by business insurer Hiscox, also finds the average cost to defend employment charges is $125,000, which includes expenses such as attorney’s fees and settlement costs. If you are not prepared, these can be alarming statistics.  

The Silhouette

May 2018 • Category: Connect TV, Feature Story

The U.S. wedding industry hit the $72 billion revenue mark in 2016. Good news for the 300,000-plus wedding vendors operating in the United States. That industry’s far reaching impact could even be felt in the small southern Minnesota town of Easton. Population 199.  

Breanna Ludeman

May 2018 • Category: A Day in the Life, Connect TV

Breanna Ludeman knows a thing or two about seizing the moment and making the most of opportunities that come your way. She also knows the value of hard work in supporting those moments and opportunities. As a wife, a mother of two, a former Mrs. Minnesota, a registered nurse, a personal trainer and a successful business owner she feels it is her calling to help others lead a healthy lifestyle.