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The Downside of Efficiency

May 2011 • Category: Publisher's Column

The moment I sat down to write this column, I stumbled upon a breaking news story about Air France Flight 447. It seemed a strange coincidence, having just watched a program about the jetliner’s crash.

Gross National Happiness

Mar 2011 • Category: Publisher's Column

I used to pop out of bed ready to grab the tiger by the tail. I don’t do much popping anymore. Year after year, I increasingly came to rely on my clock radio to raise me from the depths of sleep, that is, until the plug was pulled on my favorite morning program.

The Immortal Mailing List

Jan 2011 • Category: Publisher's Column

Has it ever been your hope to leave an indelible mark or have your name live on after you’ve taken your last breath? Fear not. It’s easier than you may think. Simply make a donation or buy on credit.

Mother Nature’s Stimulus Package

Nov 2010 • Category: Publisher's Column

Last issue, I complained about being snubbed by the host of the June hail storm which created a cash feast for building contractors and auto body repair shops. Then in the midst of cursing the endless rain of September, it dawned on me that Mother Nature has been implementing her own economic stimulus package.

Cyclical Business

Sep 2010 • Category: Publisher's Column

When I set up shop as a graphic artist, I never thought about the cyclical nature of business. It didn’t take long, however, to learn there is a natural ebb and flow to every type of business. I became accustomed to a cycle of slow summers and insanely busy winters. Starting Connect Business Magazine was, in part, a strategy to modify that cycle and help my design company tack through the doldrums of summer.

Growing Roots

Jul 2010 • Category: Publisher's Column

I own a 100-year-old building in downtown Nicollet. It’s where I started business in 1979. Around back, there used to be a thick woody vine that may have been as old as the building itself.