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Connecting Area Ag

Jul 2016 • Category: Special Reports

There are nearly 4,000 agriculture-related job postings in Minnesota alone, and not nearly enough talent out there to fill them. In fact, a recent study shows nationwide 39% of agriculture positions go unfilled.

Welcome to the Green Seam

Jul 2016 • Category: Special Reports

Agriculture is the largest business segment in the area referred to as the GreenSeam, the southern Minnesota and northern Iowa agricultural region. The region has an economic link between production, processing, professional services, education, technology, research, manufacturing, transportation and more.

Extreme Businesses of Southern Minnesota

May 2016 • Category: Special Reports

As consumers finally start to emerge from the recent recession and loosen their financial belts, an interesting trend is coming to light: just how people spend their newly available money.

REDA: Coming to the Table

Mar 2016 • Category: Special Reports

Every community knows the importance of courting new businesses and helping nurture the businesses that are already there: more jobs, more property taxes, more money flowing back into the local economy. For decades, the model for economic development revolved around each city jealously guarding its economic interests, snagging interested businesses that came through the area and focusing on the area within its own borders.

A Look at Area Chamber Awards for Business of the Year

Jan 2016 • Category: Special Reports

Taking a cue from our annual Business Person of the Year award, we thought we’d look around southern Minnesota to see what other businesses are being recognized in their communities for exemplary success and community involvement.

Connecting With Young Professionals

Jan 2016 • Category: Special Reports

If you read the news headlines, things are looking rather bleak for the next generation of workers and entrepreneurs. There’s a workforce shortage slamming businesses across the country, and workforce participation levels are historically low. Business owners lament their inability to find qualified workers, while young graduates lament their inability to find well-paying jobs. But across southern Minnesota, things are looking pretty good.