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Breanna Ludeman

May 2018 • Category: A Day in the Life, Connect TV

Breanna Ludeman knows a thing or two about seizing the moment and making the most of opportunities that come your way. She also knows the value of hard work in supporting those moments and opportunities. As a wife, a mother of two, a former Mrs. Minnesota, a registered nurse, a personal trainer and a successful business owner she feels it is her calling to help others lead a healthy lifestyle.

Oswald Brewing Company

May 2016 • Category: Hot Startz!

John Oswald took quite a meandering path before ending up with his own business in Blue Earth, but he’s definitely glad to be back in the southern Minnesota area.

Ankeny Furniture

May 2015 • Category: Feature Story

For nearly 70 years, the Ankeny family business has served the Blue Earth community in the same building, located at 230 Main Street. Started by Clayton Ankeny in 1946, it was passed on to Wayne Ankeny and eventually Bruce Ankeny, who still runs it today.

Winnebago Manufacturing

Nov 2014 • Category: Feature Story

Daryle Pomranke’s heart is in welding, but his eyes are on the future of his business, Winnebago Manufacturing Company in Blue Earth. The refocus from welding torch to financial statements began 37 years ago, after Pomranke was diagnosed with an astigmatism that prevented him from forging a career as a professional welder.

Blue Earth Drug

Jan 2014 • Category: Hot Startz!

Co-owners Gina Zierke and Ryan Milbrandt doubled floor space at Blue Earth Drug when opening up a new retail building on US 169 about a year ago. Zierke had co-owned the business since 2000 with another pharmacist. Milbrandt bought in more recently.

Bill Eckles

Jan 2012 • Category: Feature Story

In 2003, Bill Eckles felt undeserving and unworthy after his father named him chief executive officer of Blue Earth-based BEVCOMM. In 2012, he feels undeserving and unworthy after being named a Connect Business Magazine Business Person of the Year finalist. In both cases, the evaluators—the first, his father, and the second, our panel of Minnesota State College of Business judges—saw something in Eckles he didn’t.