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Mapleton Marine

May 2017 • Category: Feature Story

“It’s part of what you do as you grow up,” says Josh Schull, General Manager of Mapleton Marine. “People here, that’s what they’ve always done. They go to the cabin, or they have a friend or an uncle or a relative who has a lake home.” That’s the way Josh grew up, on the lake and surrounded by boats off the water as well.

Heritage Place

Nov 2012 • Category: Hot Startz!

This community-owned, nonprofit business opened in January 2012 as a significant expansion to Mapleton Community Home. “(Heritage Place) is a combination of independent living and assisted living services in one building,” said 50-year-old administrator RoxAnne Gosson.

Dan Gislason

Jan 2003 • Category: Cover Story

Dan Gislason digs the Icelandic countryside. It’s a winter wonderland of crystal-clean waterfalls and gargantuan glaciers, an arctic canvas of white and lipstick red homes nestled against pastel-green Ansel Adams ridges. Iceland is a cornucopia of mentally stimulating sights and refreshing sounds—the rushing waterfall, the flapping gull, the gentle spring wind melting ice. Rural Iceland would have been a natural fit for Dan today if his ancestors hadn’t left there in the late 1800s.