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Amber Pietan Travel Agency

May 2013 • Category: Hot Startz!

Amber Pietan’s Eagle Lake family used to take annual driving trips out West. She said in a Connect Business Magazine telephone interview, “We’d stay at KOA campgrounds and dad would make coffee and toast around the campfire. I have really good memories of traveling.”

WholeLifeLeadership – Diane Norland

Nov 2012 • Category: Feature Story

Certified life coach business owner, House of Hope development director, North Mankato city council member, landlord, and community leader goes full throttle to help others improve.

Corporate Graphics Commercial

Nov 2012 • Category: Feature Story

From day one in 1989 through today, the reputation, future, and survival—literally everything, involving printing presses to profits to people—of 285-employee Corporate Graphics Commercial of North Mankato has rested solely on its being able to adapt to and fulfill rapidly changing customer needs.

May 2012 • Category: Feature Story

At the time, Kimberly Danger, then of St. James, Minnesota, couldn’t completely comprehend the lifelong implications of what was happening around her. Her mother and father were prudent spenders, especially mother Jean, who regularly redeemed grocery store coupons, shopped thrift stores, and hunted garage sale deals like nobody’s business—and brought Kimberly along.

Dan & Angie Bastian

Jan 2012 • Category: Cover Story

Dan and Angie Bastian of Angie’s Artisan Treats—the parent company of Angie’s Kettle Corn—are pop artists. They have turned ordinary, slightly sweet and salty kettle corn into an artistic subject, a 180-employee North Mankato manufacturing facility into a painter’s palette, and grocery store shelves into a consumer canvas. And a ravenous public devours this pop art.

Doug Anderson

May 2011 • Category: Cover Story

Doug Anderson lucked into it. He would be first to tell you. But nearly all businesspeople luck into opportunity. Connect Business Magazine over its 17-year history has featured hundreds of businesspeople that happened to be in the right place at the right time, including some of the more financially flourishing, such as Bill Bresnan, Tom Rosen, and Glen Taylor.