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St. Peter: Lucas Kay Photography

After discovering a need in the real estate market after moving from Ohio to St. Peter in 2009, Jordan Powers began his niche real estate photography business in St. Peter just within the last year.

“I grew up in Toledo, Ohio, and was always into art,” said 32-year-old Powers in a Connect Business Magazine telephone interview. “I did a lot of portrait drawing and always paid attention to the smallest details, such as the hair lines, distance between the eyes, negative spaces, and angles. I also dabbled in graffiti-type lettering, and building the letters into geometric shapes and experimenting with that type of art, but mostly on paper.”

In his early 20s, he became interested in photography and eventually built up a part-time wedding and portrait business. Toledo had lots of cathedrals and old architecture, and Powers especially enjoyed shooting his subjects in creative ways around those buildings. In 2009, he and his wife relocated to Mankato for his job, and in the process of moving he found a new career.

While working with a Realtor to buy a home here, he noticed he and his wife were skipping looking at certain homes because the photos weren’t appealing—and they were choosing to view homes with appealing photos.

“So I asked our Realtor if he had any interest in having a professional photographer do his listings,” he said. “And we have been working together ever since. The photography definitely upped his business from the very beginning. My Realtor was one of only a few using professional photography as part of their (home) marketing program. Since then, I’ve worked with other Realtors and also some homeowners who then give my photography for agents to post.”

He has also discovered another niche: business owners that would like a professional photograph of the outside or inside of their business. He said, “My goal working with businesses is to create images they can post online or use in marketing materials in order to attract customers.”

What does he like best about his part-time work? “I like being able to help others make their business more successful.”

Lucas kay Photography
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Daniel Vance

A former Editor of Connect Business Magazine

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