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St. Peter: Bright Pixel Design

Matt Borowy opened Bright Pixel Design in his St. Peter home within the last year. He spends half his time designing homes and home renovations, and the other half doing 3D illustrations for developers and corporate architects in Iowa and Minnesota.

Much of what he enjoys working on today came from a curious childhood spent in Two Harbors and later Waseca, where he graduated from high school in 1993. “My father was a graphic artist and a talented fine artist, and had his own sign company,” said Borowy in a telephone interview. “Through him, I saw how a small business was run. To a certain extent, I’m following in his footsteps today.”

Since eighth grade, he has been interested in architecture and the “built” environment, such as buildings, roads, and bridges. After high school, he graduated from a technical college in the Twin Cities and in 1996 began working for an international architectural firm as a draftsman.

He said, “In that job, I found I had a skill working on three-dimensional modeling of buildings. I was able to work with the best designers and learn on the job.” In time, he was recruited by a Mankato architectural firm and would work there from 2002-12. He began Bright Pixel Design within the last year.

“Now I draw on my experience from everything I’ve done,” he said. “Half my time I do design work on new houses and renovations. The other half is doing 3D illustrations. As for the latter, architects sometimes can’t afford to have a dedicated 3D artist on staff, so I’m able to help them on a project-by-project basis.” He also enjoys designing smaller renovation projects for homeowners.

He said, “I like working from home. It’s a great commute. In my job, there’s always something new—it’s not dull at all working on these projects.” Borowy is a St. Peter Area Chamber member and on the St. Peter Historic Preservation Committee.

Bright Pixel Design
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Daniel Vance

A former Editor of Connect Business Magazine