Saint Peter Laundry Co.

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ST. PETER: Saint Peter Laundry Co.

After 17 years in the sales industry, Megan Kaduce decided she’d had enough of the long drives and late nights. Instead, she and her husband, Larry, decided to start their own business in St. Peter.

“We started researching franchises, and the laundry business kept popping up as one of the top industries,” Larry Kaduce explained. “The more we researched it, the more we realized that St. Peter really needed this service.”

It was quite a switch for the Kaduces, who had both spent most of their careers in sales. Megan grew up near Delavan and studied agriculture at the University of Minnesota. After she graduated in 1987, she sold animal health products.

Larry grew up south of Mankato and attended South Central College, graduating in 1978 with a degree in sales and marketing. Afterwards, he started working as a broker at the Remax locations in Mankato and St. Peter. The couple got married and moved to St. Peter in 2006.

The Kaduces began construction on their laundry facility in July 2014, with Larry designing the initial plans. Work was done by September of that year, with the ribbon cutting ceremony on Sept. 9.

The Kaduces’ laundromat has 23 washers of four different sizes, with their largest able to wash 80 pounds of laundry in one setting. They also have 18 dryers. A wash cycle lasts 26 minutes, and a dry cycle lasts 34 minutes.

The facility is open 24 hours every day, and the Kaduces offer a wash-dry-fold business where customers can drop off laundry at any time to have it done for them. There is also dry cleaning available.

“It was really surprising for us to realize how many of our customers have washers and dryers at home,” Larry said. “First thought we’d cater to renters without access to laundry. But as we got into it, we realized people just really love the convenience.  They can do a whole week’s laundry in an hour.”

Megan added, “Even people who have a perfectly good kitchen at home still like to go out to eat. And we feel that way here.”

Saint Peter Laundry Co.

Address: 209 W Mulberry Street

Telephone: 507-933-0770


Facebook Page: Saint Peter Laundry Co.


Grace Webb

A former Editor of Connect Business Magazine