Always Keep Improving

When it comes to business, remaining the same is usually not the best business model. Shrewd business owners and entrepreneurs realize that for a business to thrive, it needs to keep growing and improving. That expansion can happen in many ways, whether it’s adding a location, a product line or a new employee. Our March issue of Connect Business Magazine is all about businesses that have found ways to grow and improve.

First there’s our cover story on Mark Carlson, the general manager of the new Walmart Distribution Center in Mankato. The $75 million project was the industry giant’s first distribution center to open in Minnesota and immediately offered more than 400 jobs to area workers. Since opening in spring 2015, Mark Carlson has been working to bring the center to full capacity as it supplies Walmart’s perishable goods to stores across five states.

Our second feature stars Bill and Kirsten Freitag, owners of Wilcon Construction out of St. James. The multi-million dollar construction company has worked on housing developments across the state. While they started with apartments, they recognized the need for single-level homes, and ran with it. Now those homes are their most popular offerings.

Finally, there’s Daniel Theobald, president of Micro-Trak Systems in Eagle Lake. Theobald has seen his share of changes during his 27 years at Micro-Trak and the company is still coming up with new ways to reshape the agriculture industry.

We hope you enjoy this issue’s selections.

An veritas, an nihil,
Grace Webb

Grace Webb

A former Editor of Connect Business Magazine