Risky Business

There’s a well-known saying: “No guts, no glory.” It’s true in a lot of areas of life, and that includes business. Rarely will a business see incredible success if the owners play it safe. It’s a difficult game, balancing security against potential, risks against rewards. The folks featured in our May issue know how to play that game—and win.

First, there’s sister team Keri Solheid and Colleen Van Blarcom, co-owners of Bamco, Inc. and the five McDonald’s restaurants in its franchise. As daughters of Bamco founder Jerry Bambery, the women grew up with McDonald’s in their blood—but they’re still making their own mark on the family business.

Then there’s Rich Draheim, owner of Weichert Realty in Mankato and the New Ulm Event Center in New Ulm. In January, this serial business starter took another risk when he waded into the world of Minnesota politics in his campaign for State Senate District 20.

Finally, there’s Tony Borglum, who sells people the chance to drive tanks over cars and through houses. People told him he was crazy, but now he hosts customers from across the world.

I’d like to add that I too am in the process of taking a big risk—working towards a commission in the United States Marine Corps. This will be my last issue of Connect Business Magazine as I focus my time and energy towards my military hopes. It has been a pleasure to delve into the world of southern Minnesota business, where there is no shortage of great story material.

An veritas, an nihil,
Grace Webb

Grace Webb

A former Editor of Connect Business Magazine