Making a Difference

I have always been amazed at the mettle of my friends and acquaintances who take the plunge into starting or buying a business. Cutting ties with a steady paycheck, benefits, regular hours…a boss, has always been a scary proposition for me. Yet, I understand why they do it. For many I know, it’s the freedom to work on their own terms. To build something they are proud of. Of course, for some it is a financial decision. And for others it’s a chance to make a difference. And this issue of Connect Business Magazine is celebrating that spirit.

The owners of Friesen’s Family Bakery and Bistro are making a difference in our community with their focus on local sourcing, zero waste and community involvement. Sam Bloedow, founder and owner of Thriveon in New Ulm, is using his old fashioned family traditions to help area companies navigate a very technologically-modern business world. And Ryan Sturgis, owner of True Facade Pictures in downtown Mankato, was immediately drawn to the stories of passionate entrepreneurs and nonprofits in the region. Now, he aims to make a difference by helping them tell their stories, using film to promote their cause.

These businesses are all born from an entrepreneurial spirit. That’s why our special Collaboration Connection report, brings you the story of Katie Boone, cofounder of Envision Lab, a wonderful resource for young companies just starting out and for mature companies looking for a way to help their employees grow. Envision Lab is evidence that the Greater Mankato area is on the forefront of a business trend taking hold across the nation: coworking.

Happy reading, and hopefully, learning!

Lisa Cownie

Lisa Cownie

Editor of Connect Business Magazine