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Lake Crystal: Healthy by Nature, LLC

Lisa VanWatermulen enjoyed her work as a Registered Nurse, and a Family Nurse Practitioner. But when her young son became ill, she learned an entirely different side of health care.

“During the time I was working for Mankato Clinic, my son was having digestive issues which led to slow growth and developmental delays,” VanWatermulen explains. “He was treated by a functional medicine physician who found allergies to dairy and gluten along with several nutrient deficiencies. His transformation was amazing and this experience is what got me interested in natural medicine.”

Her interest continued to grow and in April of 2016 she opened Healthy By Nature.

“My degree is Family Practice so I do pretty much anything! I try to have a focus on finding and treating the root cause of symptoms rather than masking symptoms with medications. The most common concerns I see are hormone issues, digestive concerns, poor sleep and unexplained fatigue,” she says. “I want to be able to have adequate time with patients and give them a comprehensive, attentive and consistent experience. My son’s experience really opened my mind to natural ways of healing.”

She is located in Lake Crystal in the Deal Chiropractic Building. VanWatermulen says she is able to refer out to local health clinics for services and specialties not provided in her office.

“I offer standard lab testing at the office as well as many specialty labs through several independent lab facilities. The specialty labs include hormone & thyroid panels, food & environmental allergy panels, nutrient panels, and melatonin/cortisol panels for sleep issues. I do not do any imaging studies at the office, but can give an outpatient order for patients to have them done at their usual clinic. I also work with Allergy Associates of La Crosse to desensitize allergies with oral drops.”

Her biggest challenge so far in opening her own business has nothing to do with patient care.

“Learning my accounting and bookkeeping program. My last accounting class was 11th grade and it shows!”

Healthy by Nature, llc
Address: 101 West Robinson Street
Telephone: (507) 726-2626

Lisa Cownie

Editor of Connect Business Magazine