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St. Peter: On-Site Medical In-Services

A registered nurse for 35 years, Terri Stratton Hickey’s retirement plan was not to stop working, but rather to take on a new challenge in her career.

“I’ve enjoyed so many things about being a nurse, every day was always different,” she says. “I’ve met so many people and families over the years.”

But what she had always aspired to be was a teacher.

“Back in the ‘70s everyone told me ‘oh no you shouldn’t do that, there are way too many teachers already’. So as a young 18 year old I thought they must know best.” She married her high school sweetheart, had three children, and went to nursing school while raising them.

In retirement she decided to marry her two passions, nursing and teaching, and started On-Site Medical In-Services, LLC.

“I had attended numerous in-services during my career and found many of them to be very generic. Then you still had to figure out how to actually apply it for yourself or where you work. People are taught the basic concept and how to use certain equipment that they might not even have in the real world or at their job. My On-Site Medical In-Service is a medical class or course I will provide at the actual job site or location. I individualize it to be specific to the needs of each client. For example, a daycare provider’s needs might be CPR and First Aid. But if I go to a welding shop, those needs will be very different. I love being able to be creative with my approach. Plus, employers like it as it is a lot easier to schedule people to attend when they don’t have to leave the workplace.”

Stratton Hickey provides professional training in a variety of areas, including CPR and AED certificate and refresher classes. She also teaches OSHA required Infection Control or Blood Borne Pathogen classes. The list goes on and on.

Right now, On-Site Medical In-Service targets an area within a 100-mile radius of Mankato.

On-Site Medical In-Services, LLC
Phone: (507) 381-6736

Lisa Cownie

Editor of Connect Business Magazine