Editor's Letter

The Best Part Of My Role

I have always enjoyed learning. It’s probably one of the things that led me into journalism in the first place. The opportunity to cover and learn about something different every day.

As Editor of a business magazine one of my greatest joys, and indeed challenges, is understanding all of the nuances and complexities of a variety of different industries. Each type of business or industry has its own vocabulary and its own intricacies.

For example, in this issue we begin and end with the commercial real estate industry. I’ve bought and sold a few houses in my lifetime, so thought I had some real estate knowledge. But I quickly found out commercial real estate is its own animal. For the cover, I was fortunate enough to find one of the best in the industry to help us understand it all a little better, Dave Schooff of CBC Fisher Group. We end the issue with the experts at ISG.

And, although I like to think I can be somewhat creative with my writing, I have not one ounce of creativity or vision when it comes to design in my home or office. (I don’t suppose 30-year-old posters and album covers of Rick Springfield count as proper décor?) Brian Fischer, of Design Home Center in New Ulm, talks about that company’s 63 years of success.

Finally the agriculture industry. We talk to two young men taking the industry by storm with their innovative products.

So, happy reading…and hopefully, learning!

Lisa Cownie

Lisa Cownie

Editor of Connect Business Magazine