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Springfield – Competition Target Systems

Although Matt Teske grew up in his family business, steel utility trailer manufacturer Teske Manufacturing, it wasn’t until recently he was able to put his own twist on the business. 

“I have always had a love for shooting sports and hunting, being surrounded by steel it was only a matter of time before I started playing around making some small target stands,” Teske says. “I created Competition Target Systems and in a few months we landed our first major contract. We haven’t looked back since.” 

Competition Target Systems (CTS) now has over 60 different products with more on the way. CTS currently provides targets and accessories for independent gun stores, public ranges, online retailers, and several chain stores who carry their product line. Their best selling products are the Laser Cut AR500 steel targets and hangers.

“In 2016 we purchased our first CNC Laser and entered the world of “custom targets.” We have a full time marketing agency helping to promote our brand in magazines, TV and social media. We currently have four independent rep agencies across the country with a sales force of over 30 individuals representing our target line. Using reps and marketing agents outside of the company has been a huge change for Teske, but it has also been a great learning experience that we are excited about,” he says.

Based in Springfield, Teske says they are proud to be American made. 

“We want the customers, who are willing to spend money on something we designed and built, to have a great time out at the range,” Teske says.   

And Teske is quick to credit those around him for the success. 

“We have a great team and without them all of this wouldn’t have been possible,” he says. “Our main focus is to design innovative, cost effective and safe target systems. Our core values are ‘innovative design, superior quality and exceptional value.’ If a target doesn’t fall into these categories we will not put our name on it.”

Competition Target Systems (CTS)

Telephone: (507) 723-4160

Lisa Cownie

Editor of Connect Business Magazine