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James Kuettner’s path to becoming an attorney is a unique one.

“Prior to law school, I managed bars and restaurants for about 11 years. I encountered customers with various legal issues. I felt compelled to do something to help, so I went to undergrad and then law school,” Kuettner explains.

After law school, he clerked for Judge Gordon L. Moore, III, in Worthington, MN. Two years later, he decided to look for work as an attorney, initially applying at the Public Defenders Office in Mankato.

“They asked if I had ever considered private work,” says Kuettner. “And they noted that Cal Johnson was looking to retire so I started the law firm to assist in the transition. Our specialty is criminal defense.”

Kuettner officially opened Kuettner Legal LLC in March of 2017, taking over Cal Johnson’s offices at the corner of Cherry and Broad Streets, in the heart of downtown Mankato.

“The house was built in 1876. The building is a beautiful Victorian-style home. It has lots of character and charm. We like the convenient location. It’s easy to find and offers a safe haven for many of our clients,” he says.

Specializing in criminal defense, Kuettner says it’s hard to identify a “typical” client.

“Our youngest client is 10 years old. Our oldest is a septuagenarian. They are of all races and genders. Really, it’s anyone who has been (or could be) charged with a crime,” says Kuettner.

Kuettner Legal provides representation in all criminal matters, as well as civil matters related to criminal charges, such as expungements, firearm right restoration, harassment restraining order petitions, asset forfeiture, and implied consent (driver’s license) actions. “I like to place my clients as a top priority – because they are.”

Kuettner Legal, LLC
Address: 427 South Broad Street
Telephone: (507) 345-4545

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