Acting on Instinct

This issue of Connect Business Magazine features three very different people, in three very different industries. However, there are two things they all have in common: they have great instincts and they have a great love for southern Minnesota.

Pat Hentges has been at the helm of the city of Mankato for more than two decades. Now in the twilight of his career, he reflects back on his challenges and successes, but mostly he looks to the future and at how well he has poised the city for future growth.

You’ll also be inspired by a young lady who juggles a growing, thriving business…and a big family…and always does it with a smile: Ashleigh Moelter of The Refinery.

And of course the heart of what makes Mankato special are the family-owned businesses, like Spring Touch in St. Peter. We bring you the story of the Kottke family.

So, happy reading…and hopefully, learning!

Lisa Cownie

Editor of Connect Business Magazine