Joslyn Manske

Mortgage Banker with Frandsen Bank & Trust in North Mankato

There are self-help books, motivational blogs and leadership symposiums to help the business- and entrepreneurial-minded make the most of each day to maximize productivity. Connect Business Magazine, though, recognizes we have great resources right in our own communities. So we are going right to local business leaders to give all of you a glimpse into how they manage their days. The goal is for readers to be able to take away little tidbits to incorporate into their own lives to be at their best in and out of the office!

Joslyn Manske is a busy mom, mortgage banker at Frandsen Bank & Trust, and active community volunteer. How does she juggle it all day in and day out? Let’s find out:

Do you have a certain routine that helps you start each day?
I wish I could say I did have a set routine to start my day. Like many, I restart my “diet and exercise” program on Mondays. I set my alarm for the gym at 4:30 a.m. with every intention of going every day that week. In reality, I hit the snooze three out of five days and rely on my coffee to get me going.

What is your No. 1 organizational tool and why?
My life is in my phone. My work schedule, my son’s hockey practices, my upcoming concerts, hotel reservations, you name it, it’s all on my phone! I have completely lost my phone two times in the last 12 months … so I realize how important it is to me. I do know that one of them is in the bottom of Lake Washington!

Anything specific you like to do on your lunch hour to help keep you on top of your day?
If I don’t have a business lunch scheduled, I usually run home and switch my laundry, make my bed and do my dishes quick, all while trying not to eat pizza. (she smiles)

How would you describe your “professional” personality?
I like to think I am easygoing, approachable and fun. As a mortgage lender, we have to ask many personal questions which are not always easy for people to talk about or share with someone else. It’s my job to make them feel comfortable and offer options to best fit their needs and goals. Most of my customers enjoy a little humor when sitting in my office and it makes for an enjoyable experience for all of us.

What do you do outside of work to help stay balanced?
I love being social! I have played year-round volleyball with the same group of girls for 10+ years. I love throwing parties and going to watch live music. If it’s summertime, you will find me on a boat.

Manske Outside the Office

My pride and joy is my 6-year-old son, Tucker. I also love golfing, traveling, attending concerts, watching my son play hockey, volunteering, and everything at the lake.

Lisa Cownie

Editor of Connect Business Magazine