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Mankato’s Innovative and Dynamic Coworking Space

According to a Harvard Business School survey, a whopping 94% of working professionals reported working more than 50 hours per week and nearly half said they worked more than 65 hours per week. It is vital to have an environment that prevents burnout.

Over three-quarters of millennials are strongly influenced by how innovative a company is when deciding if they want to work there. Co-working spaces are considered a much more innovative type of workplace than a traditional, one-company office. They offer better networking and collaboration opportunities, as well as much more flexibility. These are major priorities for millennial workers. Furthermore, people who use coworking spaces see their work as meaningful. According to Harvard Business Review, the combination of a well-designed work environment and a well-curated work experience are part of the reason why people who co-work demonstrate higher levels of thriving than their office-based counterparts.

Did you know Uber and Instagram were created in a coworking space?

Mankato is ahead of this co-working trend, with an innovative, dynamic space of its own: Mogwai Collaborative.

“Mogwai Collaborative is a shared office space, better known as a coworking space, located inside the Hubbard Building. Mogwai Executive offers private office space for rent. Tenants of Mogwai Executive also get full use of the coworking space, along with a large corporate conference room,” explains Stephanie Braun. “Both spaces are fully furnished with sit/stand desks, state-of-the-art media room, meeting rooms, floor to ceiling murals and lockers. Free parking, 24/7 secured access, free coffee and espresso, live plant walls, voice activated lights, phone booths and fiber internet are also included. We offer flexible leasing for a flat rate with no hidden fees.”

Braun says Mogwai is utilized by current members in many different ways.

“Some are startups like Cubic 3D printing, Sustainably Local, Restorative Vacations – that need affordable, flexible and a professional work environment. Some are remote workers that work for companies in the Twin Cities, Rochester or even Indiana- where their memberships are reimbursed by their employer, like 42Lines. Some use this as their second office location to be able to service a whole other region/customer base like Social Butterfly, Foxio and Marine & Auto Custom Interiors. Some are large/corporate companies like Ardent Mills or Pinnacle Business Solutions that use the space for meetings and as an option for their employees work from. Some do a day pass to host meetings, retreats or to just get out of the house,” continues Braun. “Our Mogwai Executive members like Twin Rivers Council for the Arts enjoy the perks of their own private office, while still being able to conduct all their meetings in the collaborative space or our corporate boardroom.”

Braun says the next step is to develop even more corporate and business partnerships.

“We want companies to have their employees work from Mogwai either full time, part time or one day a week. We want to collaborate, we want to drive innovation not only in our space but in your business too. We want to be known as a tool for business innovation, growth, fresh ideas and a way to attract top talent. We want to partner with both Universities and local businesses so that emerging talent is employed here in our community. “

Showcase of Collaboration

One of my favorite facts about Mogwai is that we collaborated with over 17 local businesses to create the space. Everything from the floor up to the ceiling comes from or has been created by a local business in the region,” says Braun. “Our mission statement is to provide a thriving, innovative and collaborative office space environment to meet the needs of the modern entrepreneur in the region. I like that we stand behind our mission statement from the floor up in our space. Even our coffee is locally roasted. To say we are passionate about supporting our local entrepreneurs would be an understatement.”

In light of Covid-19, Mogwai is becoming a partner in Spaces for Recovery. The global program has been designed to help local communities of workers to access workspaces that are taking the necessary steps for health, safety, agree to comply with strict guidelines related to health, sanitation and appropriate social distancing. Once Governor Walz lifts the Stay at Home Order, Mogwai will be a Recovery Program Partner to help local communities of workers find an alternative place to work with reliable fiber internet in a safe environment.

The Essentials

Mogwai Collaborative
424 North Riverfront Drive
Mankato, MN 56001
Phone: (310) 922-1031

Photo by Kristofer Kathmann

Lisa Cownie

Editor of Connect Business Magazine