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Love of family, love of community and love of his career brought Brandon Schmidt to Mankato a number of years ago. Let’s work backwards from that, starting with his career. Brandon began his plumbing career in 2001.

“Brandon always wanted to do something in the trade industry as he loves building things and working with his hands,” explains his wife and co-owner of Plumb-Rite, Jen Schmidt.

Brandon adds, “I guess plumbing just fell into my lap and I decided to go for it.”

Originally from St. Paul, that’s where Brandon and Jen met in 2008 and that’s how he came to move his career to Mankato.

“I have a strong love for this community and that’s how Brandon ended up here. We love the small town feel with the metropolis amenities … so he moved from St. Paul to Mankato to be with me and my daughter, he is the best stepdad ever, and hasn’t looked back since,” explains Jen.

The couple started Plumb-Rite a little over a year ago, when they saw a need in the area.

“We started Plumb-Rite as we saw a need for more trustworthy and honest plumbers who are knowledgeable and put the customer first. We started this company as a family and want each of our customers to feel like they are part of that family too. Watching how many service companies treat customers just left a bad taste in our mouths, by starting our own company, we feel we have the ability to change that in the industry and hope to make a positive impact within the community,” she says.

That said, like with any newcomer to a market, the Schmidts admit there have been challenges.

“Our biggest challenge is breaking into an already saturated market and showing people why we are different than other plumbing companies out there. Also, of course Covid-19 has been a challenge as we aren’t able to get out there and meet people face to face at local events or even sponsor them, as we love to give back when we can.”

The Schmidt’s understand Mankato was the best spot to start their business and raise their family; Jade, 15 and Dominic, 9.

“Honestly, the best surprise has been our repeat customers and referrals from our customers that we get. Our customer loyalty has been amazing which is truly special to us —we are incredibly thankful for every single one of them.”

Plumb-Rite Plumbing

308 Ledlie Lane
Phone: (507) 720-6007
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Photography by: Jonathan Smith

Lisa Cownie

Editor of Connect Business Magazine