Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning

The motto at Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning says it all: “Heaven’s Best, where we treat your home like our own.”

Wayne Seehusen is the owner/operator of Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning in Mankato and Marshall. He started with a Heaven’s Best franchise in the Marshall area about nine years ago. He worked part time for about five years before taking the plunge to work full time in the business. When the owner of the Mankato location recently retired, Seehusen stepped in to cover this area.

Heaven’s Best offers both residential and commercial carpet cleaning. But that’s not all. It also provides various other services, including cleaning upholstery, hardwood floors, area rugs and ducts, and cleaning and sealing tile and grout.

Heaven’s Best covers an extensive territory. Currently, Seehusen is a one-man band, although his sons help him from time to time. His goal is to hire more employees as his business booms.

According to Seehusen, his company’s distinctive cleaning method leaves carpets dry in about an hour, helping it stand out amongst its competitors.

“It works really well. Basically, what I do, is I bring everything inside, so there are no doors left open. I vacuum everything I am going to clean and use a buffer and pads. As the buffer rotates, the pads bring the dirt and moisture back into them, which is why it can dry in about an hour,” Seehusen said. “So that’s where the system really shines. … If you get a rental unit, it can leave the carpet extra wet, which may create mold and damage.”

Seehusen said seeing the impressive results is the most rewarding part of his job.

“The before and after pictures speak for themselves. I’ve even had a lady who gets sarcastically mad at me because when I come to clean her carpet, it leaves it so clean that she says she can’t get new carpet.”

Beautiful clean carpets, customer testimonials and dedication to service are just some of the many reasons why Seehusen’s Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning continues to grow throughout the Southern Minnesota region and beyond.

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Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning
Phone: (507) 828-1575
Mankato Web: heavensbestmankato.com
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Ashley Hanley

A freelance writer from Mankato.