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Entrepreneurial Insight

Shane Nelson, Genesis Construction Group

In the 1700s the word entrepreneur entered our vocabulary, meaning adventurer. While the meaning has been honed over the centuries and is now widely regarded as one who launches and runs a new business. However, entrepreneurs remain adventurers at heart. Taking on great risks based on an idea or expertise one has developed in hopes of making a profit. In this issue, we feature a Lake Crystal entrepreneur whose “adventure” started very early in life.

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Feature Story

Welsh Heritage Farms

The story behind the creation of Welsh Heritage Farms is, well, a juicy one. It was not Larry and Pam Harbos’ idea to start an orchard 36 years ago. The credit for the enterprise goes to Pam’s mother, Edythe Davis Peterson. Pam explains, “I grew up in Lake Crystal, and Larry grew up on a farm near Hanska. We were teachers; I taught in an elementary school in Prior Lake, and Larry taught high school in Jordan.

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