Jordan Sands Foundation award winners selected

Mankato– Jordan Sands, an industrial sand mining and processing operation based in North Mankato, recently announced the winners of its inaugural Jordan Sands Foundation Award. The awards program recognizes employees who exemplify the company’s core values, show exceptional teamwork and leadership in making the business better, and whose contributions are the foundation upon which the company will continue to build an enduring business.

Recipients of the award are: Kurt Pearson (Rail Lead), Matt Tomisin (Rail Load Operator), and Jason Reese (Project Manager). They were recently honored at Jordan Sands’ quarterly meeting.

“Congratulations to our award winners! We are extremely proud of the work these three did in improving our customer experience, as well as making the entire rail operation highly efficient. This allows us to better serve our customers at the lowest possible cost,” said Scott Sustacek, Jordan Sands CEO.


About Jordan Sands

Jordan Sands LLC, is an industrial sand mining and processing operation and an affiliate of Coughlan Companies, Inc., Mankato, MN, whose primary business includes children’s book publishing company Capstone, a leading publisher of children’s books, digital solutions and services, literacy programs, and K-12 professional development resources. Jordan Sands formed in 2011 to responsibly develop the Jordan Sandstone resource underlying the Coughlan Companies’ land holdings, for emerging opportunities in the oil & gas fracturing (frac) sand market. For more information, visit

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Grace Webb

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