Celebrating the Ag Industry

Agriculture plays a vital role in our lives every day. And I’m not just talking about the food we eat. The economy in this region is very ag-centric. Agriculture is the base for which other businesses are able to start, grow and thrive here. In this issue of Connect Business Magazine, we bring you the full picture of its impact on our region. From our “Ask A Professional” column, to our opinion page, to our MSU Partnership story: we’ve got the industry covered.

Our cover story is Steve Kibble, of Kibble Equipment Inc. Steve’s story of a family business weathering the ups and downs of the ag industry for 40 years is full of insight. He candidly shares his concerns that are echoed by many working in the industry: how to overcome a dwindling workforce in the agriculture sector.

Understanding many share that concern, we bring you a special report highlighting efforts being made to address the issue. A collaborative effort to cultivate future farmers and replenish the industry pipeline that is quickly going dry.

And speaking of collaboration, the GreenSeam is all about it! It is a brand new initiative of which all of us who live, work and play in southern Minnesota and northern Iowa are now a part! Please connect with its organizers to have your voice heard.

Our profile pieces show the diversity of the industry and run the gamut from high-tech, to old fashioned sustainable farming. Winnebago-based Aker is working on technology that could prove to be an invaluable tool for farmers trying to keep their eye on their crops during growing season. Meanwhile, the Meyer Beefalo and Bison Hybrid farm just outside of Elysian embraces a savvy new trend, but is every bit a throwback to the roots of farming.

Happy reading, and hopefully, learning!

Lisa Cownie,

Lisa Cownie

Lisa Cownie

Editor of Connect Business Magazine

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