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Atypical Business Owners

Sep 2013 • Category: Editor's Letter

Some business owners, their business issues, and their personal lives don’t fit easily into stereotypes. They are square pegs forced into round holes, the perpetual outliers, and virtually indescribable—even after an extended, attempted description.

Doug and Pam DeMarce

Sep 2013 • Category: Cover Story

Business is like bowling. It’s all about strikes, spares, and splits. On any given day, you knock down business projects first roll, leave various miscues for mopping up or face tough situations that seem impossible to overcome.

Civil Ag Group

Sep 2013 • Category: Feature Story

We might call it the beginning of a construction empire, we could say the growth of a new generation of business owners, and there’s certainly no doubt it’s an example of the Midwestern work ethic paying off.


Sep 2013 • Category: Off-The-Cuff

It’s September again? It seems like yesterday when last September arrived, just days after family vacation and the usual lazy summer.

Dollar Depot

Sep 2013 • Category: Hot Startz!

You could say DeAnn Woods and husband Lynn are serial entrepreneurs. Their latest small business effort, Dollar Depot opened on July 31 at 123 Fourth St..

St. Peter’s Mattress Factory

Sep 2013 • Category: Hot Startz!

Bob Emery gives most of the credit to the start of his new business to his partner, Bill Peterson, and a little to Aunt Opal Mae and Uncle Ken Emery of Vernon Center.