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Smolder Cigar Emporium

Smolder Cigar Emporium in St. Peter is the only premium cigar lounge in Southern Minnesota.

“Smolder is a boutique cigar lounge. We have a walk-in humidor with a vast selection of premium cigars. Our tobacconists Adam and Lucas spend lots of time taste-testing new products and making sure that we are bringing in only the best cigars for our customers,” said Shelby Simonette. “We also offer cigar accessories such as cutters, lighters, and travel cases. We’ve recently added a selection of pipes and pipe tobacco, as well as accessories.”

Simonette is one of the five Emporium owners. The other owners include her husband, Lucas Simonette, Andy Seitzer, Nick Winings and Adam Salfer. The group founded Smolder on a passion for cigars.

“It started as a conversation during COVID, between Lucas, Nick, and Adam. I wouldn’t let them all in the house, so they met around a fire in the backyard, and I brought them out a batch of homemade soup,” Shelby said. “At that time, we weren’t sure how obtainable this dream was.”

Less than a year later, Andy, Lucas, and Shelby purchased a building in downtown St. Peter. Their original intention was to rent the space out to a new business. Then they had a better idea.

“As we began cleaning the building up, Lucas threw out that it would make a good cigar lounge,” Shelby said. “After running some numbers, we decided it was game on. We began demolition and remodeling within weeks. It took us about three months, and we were ready for our grand opening. Here we are, two years later. Our dream became a reality.”

Smolder opened its doors for business in August 2021. Its cozy lounge, premium products and knowledgeable staff have been drawing in cigar aficionados ever since.

“The door into Smolder creates an environment where everyone is welcome. Conversations are struck up, frustrations are put down, and friendships are made quickly. It’s like walking into Cheers,” Shelby said.

Smolder Cigar Emporium is open seven days a week. It is also available for bachelor parties, wedding parties and other private events.

Smolder Cigar Emporium

Address: 122 W Nassau St., Saint Peter, MN 56082

Phone: (507) 381-1330


Ashley Hanley

A freelance writer from Mankato.